Susanna Tesconi is a Barcelona-based interaction designer and a teacher with a strong edupunk attitude.
Inspired by the interaction between children and technology, she explores the integration of low technology and digital fabrication with the goal of engaging groups of children in developing their own technologies.
She designed several educational programs and workshops for kids form many centers and institutions.
She coordinated the FablabKids program at Fablab Barcelona, where children deal with digital fabrication in a cooperative way and use invention skills in order to became creators rather than just users/customers of technology.
She designed Glob@s an educational experiment developed during INTERACTIVOS?09 at MEDIALAB-PRADO in Madrid in which children are invited to use a portable air monitoring devices to explore their neighborhoods and urban environments for pollution. Right now she's collaborating with the ecoLab project at Laboral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial in Gijon and she's starting a PHD program in Investigation in Education at Univesitat Autonoma de Barcelona.